Kishi Bashi – Lighght

To many, the sound of a violin is unparalleled – apart from by its various siblings. Anything that requires a fiddle is simplistic majestic really. It’s no surprise then that there was a mild furore surrounding violin virtuoso Kishi Bashi after releasing his debut album 151a. And you’d be pleased to know that your ears … Continue reading Kishi Bashi – Lighght

Deers – Barn

After adding two more members to their lo-fi set-up, Spanish surf-pop group Deers are looking to gather some traction. ‘Barn’ is their latest track to date and the first they’ve recorded as a quartet. It’s not quite as rough and playful as ‘Bamboo’ which encapsulates their saccharine approach to surf-pop but there’s more a punk … Continue reading Deers – Barn

Michael A Grammar

One of the annoying things about EPs is that you rarely get to see their tracks feature on albums. Actually, the problem is two-fold. You’re missing out on great tracks that you wish were on the album but when you try to find an EP to buy, you can’t because there were probably limited copies. … Continue reading Michael A Grammar

Glass Animals – Zaba

Under the guidance of new label Wolf Tone and legendary producer Paul Epworth (who’s worked with Adele and Friendly Fires amongs other high-profile artists), the Oxford quartet have produced a debut album with such a broad sonic palette it’s difficult not to completely lose yourself in it. Just a small disclaimer before you do so … Continue reading Glass Animals – Zaba

Adult Jazz – Spook

Even with the plethora of sounds we have on tap, my ungrateful ears still struggle to remain attentive. Not even Glass Animals’ debut album was doing the trick – don’t worry, it’ll still be reviewed. But another earmarked band knew what I wanted. With a dreamy aesthetic that drifts aimlessly from one intangible moment to … Continue reading Adult Jazz – Spook